View live streaming of events as they happen or watch previous videos created by Ronzig the Wizard in the past.

Click Activism to watch documentaries, live events or existing videos covering demonstrations, occupations, protests, rallies, marches, town hall meetings, politics, election coverage, commentary, interviews, opinion pieces, editorials and more about important issues concerning our society such as homelessness, poverty, addiction, globalization, economic slavery, corporate elitism, banking, economy, recession, war, imperialism, terrorism, education, health, conspiracy theories, human rights, environment, animal rights, internet concerns, freedom of speech, and much more.

Click Music to watch concerts, live performances, music videos, and band practices filmed by Ronzig the Wizard or that Ronzig assisted in producing.

Click Toronto to watch videos created by Ronzig the Wizard around Toronto featuring Toronto attractions, historic sites, mini tours, urban wildlife, parks & wilderness areas, transportation and more.

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