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I utilize a multitude of themes and subjects in my work. Each of the pieces you see blow is linked to a complete set of my works with the same theme or subject matter.

Ronzig's art is a multimedia merging of photography, computer manipulation, acrylic painting, sculpture and ceramics producing unique artwork suitable for the office the home or institutional installations. He utilizes a multitude of themes and subjects in his work. Each limited addition piece is personally signed  by the artist and is a fine addition to any collection. As an investment, you will find his work timeless and may expect its value to continue to increase for years.

Because art makes a treasured gift to a loved one and is difficult to choose the right piece, I have gift certificates available for purchase so your loved one is certain to approve of the selection.

With a Ronzig's Gallery gift certificate, your loved one can select any art in any media or size that is offered on this site. By purchasing a Ronzig's Gallery gift certificate your loved one is certain to approve of the selection.

Gift Certificates are presently the easiest means to make a direct purchase of a specific piece over the internet.  First, choose the image that you would like from this site or from any of my work on my Flickr site and record the EXACT filename. Then go to the order page and choose the size and media you would like. Click the Buy Gift Certificate icon and apply the dollar amount to a combination of gift certificates to make the total and IN THE PERSONAL MESSAGE BOX on the gift certificate order form, just tell me the exact filename and size and media type you wish to purchase. I will ship the finished work if ceramic tiles within 12 business days or if prints on photo paper or on canvas, within 5 business days. (allow 10 business days if framing is required)

Gift Certificates may be purchased for a dollar amount equal to the value of a specific piece of art on this site or combined to total this amount.

Just click the Buy Gift Certificate icon below and you will be directed to a PayPal page for secure purchase options. You don't need to be a member of PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

Please note: For all orders of less than $50.00 a $10.00 shipping and handling fee will apply

Secure transactions by PayPal

This is how a panorama looks when framed. All work that I print on canvas is finished by hand painting with acrylics. No 2 ever look the same.

This is how a panorama looks before framing. All work that I print on canvas is finished by hand painting with acrylics. No 2 ever look the same.


Canvases are available in standard sizes up to 44" x 13" and larger by special order. You can purchase your favorite panorama either framed or unframed on canvas or archival photo paper or ceramic tiles.You can view a slideshow of available Panoramas here, or click here to see the selection of panorama images to choose from. Once you have selected the image you prefer, write down the exact file name and go to the Panorama online store to continue with your order. Pricing is dependent on the size, media and framing options you choose.

Ronzig the Wizard 

An assortment of Wizard imagery.

Enchanted Forest
Magical, mystical trees and forests
Toronto Streetscapes
Scenes of street activity and and some of our most attractive neighborhoods
Plants & Flowers
A selection of hundreds of examples of fine foliage and blossoms
Casa Loma
One of Toronto's finest landmarks
Toronto Skylines
Vistas of Toronto taken from many varied points of view
Black Hole
Ronzig preparing to close a black hole is one of many odd images here
Construction Sites
Construction has been rampant for many years. Here I document some of the sites as they progress
St Lawrence Market
A fine venue for farm fresh produce and unique arts and crafts
Allen Gardens
The botanical gardens provide year round acces to some of the worlds finest plants and flowers
University of Toronto Campus
The U of T has some of Toronto's finest examples of early architecture
Palace Arms Hotel
A wonderful old building currently slated for upgrading as a fine new venue
Toronto Convention Centre
 is so large it can house several large shows concurrently
CN Tower
is the most visible landmark in the city and can be seen from miles around
Snow & Ice
When the temperature drops we are treated to many spectacular examples of nature's art
Wires, poles and towers provide interesting lines for an artist
Toronto is populated by a marvelous variety of folks from the homeless to the businessman
Examples of the wonderful art in the night time sky that I have enjoyed
of all denominations and religious beliefs portray some breathtaking architecture
Canadian National Exhibition
The CNE is Toronto's oldest trade show featuring a midway that must be experienced
Pow Wow
Our native community holds several pow wows annually to showcase their culture
Zombie Walk
An annual event that is sure to bring out the scariest people in town
Peace Rally
Canadians have traditionally been a peace loving people who oppose militarism
Trains and their roadways have always held a powerful allure for Canadians
Evicting Chris
from under the Gardiner Expressway
City Hall
The seat of our municipal government and the site of many fine events
Old City Hall
is an excellent example of Toronto's fine architecture now serving as the downtown court house.
Canada Malting
has been abandoned for many years, but discussions have suggested transforming it into a museum
Osgoode Hall
The home of our legal community
Royal Ontario Museum
has been upgraded and expanded into one of the most avaunt guard buildings in the world

Royal York Hotel
This venerable hotel remains a favored habitat for visitors to our city
have traditionally served man as workers and providers of sport and enjoyment
have provided us with both a favored food source and liquid refreshment for ages
have been feared and revered throughout mankind's memory

have been our most favored companion as far back as we have records

Index of Ronzig's web pages


Ronzig's Gallery

Go to Ronzig's Gallery digital photoArt, photography,  video, photographic & video recording services, Mini Video Tours of Toronto, Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images and art on ceramic tiles top home page.

Learn about Ronzig and Ronzig's Gallery: What is digital photoArt? Ronzig's guerrilla photography and video. Art on Ceramic Tiles. Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images, Mini Video Tours of Toronto. And photographic and video recording services.

View some of Ronzig's best work in a slideshow or individual images from Ronzig at Ronzig's Gallery of digital photoArt and photography.

You can contact  Ronzig's Gallery by email, telephone or by snail mail to his address to inquire about Ronzig's digital photoArt, photography, Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images. video, photography & video recording services, Mini Video Tours of Toronto and art on ceramic tiles or to purchase his products or services. You will also find numerous links to other websites where Ronzig has a presence.

Read the Legend of Ronzig the Wizard and his battle with his evil twin brother Ronzak the Sorcerer in the story of the ongoing struggle between good and evil that has been going on since the creation of the universe.

This is where you can order  Ronzig's products and services from Ronzig's Gallery such as digital photoArt,  photography & video recording services, Mini Video Tours of Toronto, art on ceramic tiles & Collector Series Postcards featuring an assortment of his best images.

Ronzig creates spectacular panorama works either as photographic images or as Digital photoArt that are available in standard sizes up to 44" x 13" on either canvas or archival quality photo paper (larger sizes available by special order).  Ronzig's Gallery will also embed a panorama image into the glaze of a series of ceramic tiles to create a unique wall or floor covering surface to your specs.

Ronzig's Digital photoArt & photographic images from Ronzig's Gallery cover a broad array of subject matter and themes resulting in highest quality art works to suit any preference. These images are all available on ceramic tiles & Collector Series Postcards as well a more traditional canvas and archival photo paper in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements.

All of Ronzig's best work is available on Collector Series Postcards on archival photo paper, suitable not only for mailing a unique greeting to friends and loved ones, but also for framing as a group to hang on your wall.

Ronzig has done work for a wide range of clients from law firms to developers, health services facilities and the City of Toronto, all of which would certainly provide excellent references to Ronzig's Gallery.

Most of Ronzig's best work, be it video, photography or Digital photoArt is available as stock video clips or stock photo & art images at extremely reasonable prices for royalty free applications that you are producing.

Most of Ronzig's best work can be embedded into the glaze of ceramic tiles, resulting in virtually indestructible art works suitable for architectural uses such as surfaces for walls, floors, counter tops, back-splashes, fireplace surrounds or mantlepieces. As home furnishing uses they provide unique surfaces for tables or any other flat surfaced furniture. There is a series of 4" x 4" tiles with a protective backing designed for use as coasters that are bound to intrigue your guests as you entertain. Of course they make timeless stand alone art suitable for framing or placing on a stand for display.

Ronzig produces a wide range of videos, including Documentary works, event recording such as children's birthdays, activism and social protest works, art films, Mini Video Tours and special effects clips. Ronzig's Gallery is fully equipped and has access to support professionals to create original works with multi-camera filming, still photography and custom music for any production. He is presently working on a special fx movie, The Legend of Ronzig the Wizard, for which he the writer, art and costume designer, producer director and star.


Down But Not Out

As well as Ronzig's Gallery, Ronzig built and maintains Down But Not Out, a website dedicated to social activism and providing information about many of the current issues that threaten to destroy our planet and the social structures we have developed. This link will take you to the Home page of Down But Not Out which was recently ranked as the 12th best website about homelessness on the internet and the following information will explain each of the pages on the website. You will have the opportunity to comment on what you learn here and read the many comments of other visitors to the site.

Learn more about Ronzig and why he created Down But Not Out and why it began as a website discussing the issues of poverty, homelessness and addiction and how it evolved into much more, encompassing issues a wide ranging as politics, war imperialism, conspiracy, economics, health, the environment and more.

Having been a crack addict for nearly 2 decades, during the 2nd of which I was homeless, I have acquired an in depth understanding of addiction, how & why it begins, what it does to a person, what is involved with getting free of this curse and the social implications of this ever increasing plague on civilization. I disclose some little known and often ignored information and insights that will assist you in coming to a better understanding of what addiction is all about.

I have created a page where visitors to Down But Not Out can contribute by telling their story about how the issues discussed on the site has affected them or someone they care about. I encourage you to read what others have to say and please tell us your story. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

There is an extensive examination of the economy on Down But Not Out with discussions about the recession, economic collapse, the increasing disparity between the rich, the poor and the middle class. I delve into the phenomena of the shrinking middle class and the emergence of a 2 class society where an economic elite rule and the rest of us are rapidly being relegated to economic slavery.

Whether you call it Global Warning, Climate Disruption or choose to adopt one of the euphemisms that opponents to addressing this impending disaster use to seek to reduce the significance of the crisis to protect their ill gotten financial profits, it is a scientific fact that our global environment is on the brink of collapse. If meaningful and immediate action is not taken the human race along with almost all other forms of life on the Planet Earth will soon face extinction.

Whenever I have time I try to post notices of significant events that you may wish to attend including rally's, protests, political meetings, or other relevant items here. I also use this page to post notices of upcoming art shows where my work will be on display.

The social, economic and political issues revolving around health and healthcare are currently creating an environment where universal healthcare in Canada is under attack. It is evident that the elite no longer wish to ensure adequate health services for an aging population. They see no need to preserve individual health when there is no shortage of replacement economic slaves to step in when one of us succumbs to preventable illness and dies.

There is a worldwide epidemic of homelessness that has emerged in the past couple of decades to plague society and the wealthiest nations, ones with more than sufficient resources to provide housing for their populations are the worst at addressing the situation. Having lived long enough to realize that even when our society was steeped in relative poverty compared to today's situation, homelessness was never a significant problem until recently as the elite grab more and more of the world's wealth and resources, leaving the rest of us to struggle just to keep a roof over our heads.

With the advent of the internet, hope for a just society has been restored, yet there are sinister powers threatening to crush that hope. Just when internet should be reaching the point of universal global access, these powers are forcing an increasing internet divide, where surprisingly millions who once could afford access are being economically deprived of this crucial commodity, for a commodity is what it has become and it is for sale at price not reflective of costs, but of what the market will bear. Perhaps we should be considering defining internet as a Necessary Service that is available to everyone at affordable rates of free of charge.

With the corporatization of mainstream media, it's difficult to find any honest reporting in this media, as they tend to stick like flies on flypaper to the elitist party line. However even the most cynical of these outlets of information are forced to include a modicum of honesty in their reports when faced with the vast amount of conflicting evidence distributed freely on the internet. It is beneficial also to be up to date on what they are saying in order to point out the inadequacies and outright lies that they distribute.

Over the years, Ronzig has been in the news on several occasions, both as the subject of articles and as interviewee. Of course I've commented on many news items as well. you'll find some of these pieces on my news page.

There is a disturbing trend in politics that is increasingly threatening the very fabric of Democracy, or the sorry excuse for such that we have  adopted. I'm speaking of the merging of the Capitalist manifesto into the political agenda to the effect that today's politicians see their job almost exclusively as serving the requirements of capitalism and corporate profits rather than the needs of the citizens who are the true backbone of any nation.

Ever wonder how it is possible that in the richest civilization that has ever existed on the planet, extreme poverty is reaching epidemic proportions?  The answer is obvious. Every single year for the past 3 decades the wealthiest 5% of the world's population have taken control and ownership of a greater proportion of the world's resources leaving less for each of the remaining 95% of the people who have to live on this planet. In every industrialized nation the middle class is under attack and is shrinking annually as people are forced down the economic scale into the burgeoning poverty class. The truly terrifying aspect of this is the fact that the members of the middle class which is the primary target of this attack believe that when the middle class is eliminated they will be part of the elite upper class of rulers rather than economic slaves of these rulers. Because of this the middle class votes consistently for politicians who serve this elite ruling class and don't even realize they are voting for their own destruction.

In a society which professes to be primarily Christian is it not a paradox that we have created such an un-Christian attitude toward our neighbours? By assuming the philosophy of "Looking our for number ONE", we find it easy not only to allow our brothers and sisters to suffer and actually perish because they can not afford to pay for the basic requirements of survival, nourishment and shelter, but many of us are arrogant enough to hate them for their predicament. How are we to overcome this tide of apathy and animosity which in the end will destroy us if we fail?

If you group is interested in Ronzig's experiences and philosophies, I do speaking engagements and will talk on any of the topics covered here. I have had great success with audiences while speaking about homelessness & addiction, Democracy & politics as well as photography & art and would be pleased to accept a request to speak to you group.

Primarily because of American Imperialism the world has been in a constant state of war for the majority of the past 6 decades. Isn't it amazing how we can call making war on another nation a Police Action or Peacekeeping Action to camouflage the fact that we are invading a nation to seize control of its resources or to use it as a staging zone for our aggressive moves on its neighbours, yet we call defensive retaliation Terrorism? We call the slaughter of innocent civilians Collateral Damage to hide the fact that more than 80% of the people we kill in our wars are civilians primarily women and children. I find it disturbing that Prime Minister Harper has eagerly jumped into bed with the Americans and is arming Canada to fight along side our neighbours to the South as we seek to seize control of far off nations. We stand idly by and allow Israel, the puppet state of the Americans which exists solely because of American arms and financing to commit wide scale genocide in its attempt to eradicate the legitimate populating of the region from the planet.


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